Cool Companies and Designer Porn

I came across this cute little software company called Panic. They make lovingly hand-crafted Mac applications, have a beautiful website, and work and play in a yummy new office. They make you feel like giving them money. Panic, and companies of a similar ethos like the Omni Group, Pixar, and even Apple itself, stand out within their markets for oozing a passion for quality products and brilliant design. This is the only sort of company culture in which I would find myself happy.

Speaking of well-designer products, you can find the Marc Newson vibrator you always wanted at Myla. This is a perfect example of the recent trend of designers applying their expertise to the improvement of the otherwise rough-around-the-edges offerings of the adult industry. It seems that the web-driven popularisation of pornography and fringe eroticism created a new audience for erotic content, with a new set of standards. Online since 1997, Nerve° was perhaps the first project targeting this expanded market. Designer erotica has proliferated since, with websites like Aphrobytes and Ultrafashionporn, and publications like Deliciæ Vitæ, curated by the Versace designer Kinder Aggugini. Just so you know.