Stag Night Report

I am back in London. Nothing happened in Athens. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Something brought me here (cannot explain this) Whereby I read the comment from Sunday - something unplaisant was said. So, why this dialogue? I understand (but do not share) the need (and this is the need I presume to be emanating from you) to present your art, diary (well, the archive is very simply a diary) and perception of * (everything) Safely and unsafely, you embark into the presentation of the perception of your own self. Feeling comfortable or not, I believe you are by now used to it so as to define what is written here as yet another of your characteristics. Congratulations! You have founded a do loop and you may proceed (may in this case has nothing to do with permission or acceptance). Souls of deserts. You should know that.

I don’t believe for a second that nothing happened in Athens, but I’m wise enough not to ask when I don’t really want to know. Nothing happened in London either by the way…