White Room

[Ikea rules my white world...]

I like to photograph my living spaces for posterity, but despite having lived at my current abode for almost five months already (a fact that I had not fully realised before typing this sentence), I never thought that the place was ready — until this morning, when glorious sunlight streamed through the blinds illuminating the hideous grin on my face. Apart from the weather, factors that contributed to my little studio seeming mature enough to be photographed included a new furniture arrangement prompted by the purchase of my new 20″ iMac (dubbed Hayao), and a more efficient storage configuration that allowed me to clear some junk off the bookshelves.


The image should come with annotation and prices, just like the scene from Fight club!

Oh oh…. wouldn’t it be cool if at the back of Ikea catalogues or on their website, people get to submit images of their little Ikea world just like the image you have above?! That would be so interesting to look at and be very good promotion….also give people more ideas for different combo of furniture. Then each month a winner is picked and is given vouchers for more Ikea goodies! YAY!

at this point, i’d suggest implementing the note-tagging thing that flickr offers.. see.. they’re better!! and worth a lot more than some scrabble screen shots.. :P

Ok la, ok! I have uploaded the photo on flickr and tagged it to death. Enjoy!