Gong Xi Fa Cai

[Gong Xi Fa Cai!]

Gong xi fa cai, everyone! Or gong hei fat choi, gung hay fat choy, khiong hie fat choy, or any other way you might want to transliterate the Cantonese pronounciation. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s the lunar new year, as celebrated by the Chinese. I hope you’re all wearing red today, kids. Have a happy and prosperous year of the horse!


Gong xi fa cai!…..Wo xi huan ni :) NI jiao shen me ming zi?

Zia jian!

Wo de minzi shi Hú Aò. Ni shi shei?

Hu ao - ni hao.

wo yao yong dian niao, xie putonghua. ke shi bu hui xie han zi, zher hui xie pinyin. wo bu zhe dao zenme yong dian niao xie sheng diao. ni ke bu keyi gao su wo? (can you tell me how to use a computer to add tonal marks to pintin like you’ve used in your name?)

Duo Xie!

Carla (ke ying li)


So is “Gong xi fa cai” the closest transliteration to the Cantonese? 2)How does one say Happy New Year in Mandarin?
3)Does anyone know where Mandarin (speaking and writing) is taught to foreigners in Los Angeles?
Happy New Year!

YAY! Happy New Year to everyone!!! I take Mandrin Chinese up at my school, it’s my second year!! We did a BIG Chinese Lion and Dragon New Year celebration with all of the chinese students. It was awesome! So, Happy New Year!

And, by the way, you still say Gong Xi Fat Cai in Mandrin

Or, you could say: xi nian qui le